Altar Server Ministry

The mission of the Altar Server Ministry at St. Gabriel is to provide an opportunity for young parishioners to actively participate in the tradition of Catholic worship. As Altar Servers young parishioners assist the priests and deacons with processions, blessings, rituals, etc. during the celebration of Mass and other sacred ceremonies.

Joining this Ministry 

We welcome all interested parish members attending the 4th school-grade or above who have already received the sacrament of First Holy Communion. Training is generally provided twice a year and consists of two sessions of 1.5 hours each. Once trained, Servers are assigned an experienced ‘mentor’ who will advice and guide younger, less experienced Servers.   Please contact Ken Dowd at for more information or to request that your child be included in the next Altar Server Training.


Trained Altar Servers are then scheduled for a number of assignments ranging from two to four times during a two month period. Regular calendar notifications are issued directly to Altar Server parents via email and are also posted on the Liturgical Ministries webpage.

Instructions for Putting on Albs and Cinctures

Our beautiful new albs (robes) and cinctures (belts) are a little complicated to size and put on (hidden snaps on both shoulders).  If your child is an altar server, please arrive 15 minutes before Mass and come to the Sacristy with your child to help him/her get ready.   After Mass, please stop by the Sacristy and help your child re-hang the alb and cincture.

Clothing reminders :   Please don't wear brightly colored clothing that will show through the white alb.  We encourage you to wear neutral-clored shoes with a closed-toe.  We ask that no sneakers, flip-flops or high heels be worn.

How to Get Ready for Mass

What to Do After Mass

1.  Find an alb (robe) that is the right length.  It should be about 2 inches from the floor.

1.  Hang up your cincture (belt).

2.  Snap the LEFT shoulder first.

2.  Unsnap your alb and put it on a hanger.

3.  Then snap the RIGHT shoulder.

3.  Snap BOTH shoulders closed.


4.  Put on a cincture (belt). 

4.  Hang the alb in the closet.

5.  Ready for Mass!



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