LYS Coaching

The process of coaching involves a one-on-one (confidential and free) meeting with a St. Gabriel Strengths Coach who has been trained by the Gallup organization. Join the hundreds of parishioners who have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

The benefits of coaching include:

• Deeper insight and understanding of your top 5 Signature Themes (talents)*

• Exploring how your strengths can be used personally, professionally, and spiritually

• Insight into how you can enhance your spiritual journey in a busy world

To take advantage of LYS coaching you simply need to:

1. Learn what your top 5 “Signature Themes” (talents) are by completing the on-line StrengthsFinder assessment.
See “How to participate in LYS” on the “What is LYS?” page.

2. Choose a coach from the list below and schedule a time to meet.

Contact our Coaches:

Jennifer Amico at 704.362.5047, ext. 214 or

Deacon Mark Diener at 704.362.5047, ext. 277 or

Hilda Gurdian at 704.568.6966, ext. 106 or

Ana Lothspeich at 704.845.2816 or

Click here to see the LYS Coaching Brochure 2013.