LYS Coaching

The process of coaching involves a one-on-one (confidential and free) meeting with a St. Gabriel Strengths Coach who has been trained by the Gallup organization. Join the hundreds of parishioners who have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

The benefits of coaching include:

• Deeper insight and understanding of your top 5 Signature Themes (talents)*

• Exploring how your strengths can be used personally, professionally, and spiritually

• Insight into how you can enhance your spiritual journey in a busy world

To take advantage of LYS coaching you simply need to:

1. Learn what your top 5 “Signature Themes” (talents) are by completing the on-line StrengthsFinder assessment.
See “How to participate in LYS” on the “What is LYS?” page.

2. Choose a coach from the list below and schedule a time to meet.

Contact our Coaches:

Deacon Mark Diener at 704.362.5047, ext. 277 or

Hilda Gurdian at 704.568.6966, ext. 106 or

Ana Lothspeich at 704.845.2816 or

Click here to see the LYS Coaching Brochure.