“When we put God first, we align our lives with His Will and deepen our relationship to Him. Then, in gratitude, we return to the Lord a portion of His gifts to us — our time, our talent, our treasure. In this way, we multiply God’s blessings among our families, friends, parish, community, and the whole world…We become good stewards.”

St. Gabriel is host to more than 100 ministries that support our parish life and reach out to those in our community.  There is something here for everyone!  Choose just one ministry! Share in the life of our parish and in the Life of Christ!

Stewardship Guide 2014-15

Volunteer Requirements: All parish volunteers working in ministries involving children must complete the Diocesan training program “Protecting God’s Children” . For more information about this program click here.

Stewardship Committee: Promotes the Christian’s responsibility for sharing gifts of time, talent and treasure in the service of God.   We are seeking a new committee leader.  If interested, please contact the parish office.