Policies for those who serve in Ministry: Safe Environment

Safe Environment:  Diocesan Policies for All Who Serve in Ministry

We welcome your service in our thriving parish!  Through our 100+ ministries, these members enable us to fulfill our parish vision to worship, serve and grow.  The Diocese of Charlotte has adopted policies and procedures to safeguard those whose care has been entrusted to us. 

Forms, policies and information required for members at St. Gabriel who will be working with children, young people and vulnerable adults or handle parish monies can be found below.  They may also be obtained from the church office (Ministry Center - 3rd floor) during business hours

Find instructions for submitting forms and contacts (if you have questions) near the end of this webpage.


Is this your first time serving in ministry at St. Gabriel?

Follow these steps:

  1. Read the Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy and Code of Ethics
  1. Print and complete the Volunteer Checklist and Forms Packet
  1. Complete "Protecting God's Children" Training.

This two hour workshop is designed to prevent sexual abuse of children.  Training is offered frequently throughout the diocese.  Find details here.  

(Note:  This training is not required for those who handle parish monies but have do not serve children or vulnerable adults.)

  1. Submit the completed forms to the church office
Find instructions and contacts (if you have questions) here.


Are you currently serving in a ministry?

  1. Print our Service in Ministry Checklist (below) to determine what forms you may need to complete and submit to the church office.

Service in Ministry Checklist - English

Service in Ministry Checklist - Spanish

  1. Find the forms and policies you need in the table below.  Instructions for submitting the forms and contacts for questions can be found here.
Diocesan "Volunteer Profile Form"

This form provides us with standard personal information.  Find the form here.

"Background Check Release Form"

Background checks must be renewed every 5 years.  The parish pays the processing fee. If desired, read the Diocesan policy on  background checks here.  Find the form here.

"Acknowledgement of Receipt Form" for the Diocesan Code of Ethics

Find the policy here.  Sign the Acknowledgement Form on the Volunteer Checklist, instead of the one at the end of the policy.

"Acknowledgement of Receipt Form" for the Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy

Find the policy here.  Sign the Acknowledgement Form on the Service in Ministry Checklist, instead of the one at the end of the policy.

"Approved Driver Status Form"

Applies only to designated ministries.  Form must be completed and submitted with copy of drivers license and proof of insurance.  Following a motor vehicle record check, volunteers will be instructed to complete an on-line driving course. 


Submitting Completed Forms

Completed and signed forms should be returned to the church office in a sealed envelope to the attention of one of the following.  (You may also contact them with any questions.)  Forms may be dropped off at the reception desk (Ministry Center - 3rd floor) or mailed to: St. Gabriel Catholic Church, 3016 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28211.  All information provided is kept strictly confidential. 

Again, thank you for your interest in St. Gabriel Catholic Church's ministries and for helping to ensure that our parish is a safe environment for the children and vulnerable adults of our faith community.

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