St. Gabriel is host to more than 100 ministries that support our parish life and reach out to those in our community.  There are many wonderful ways for you to get to know others, grow in faith, and use your talents and gifts in service to Christ.  Share in the life of our parish and in the Life of Christ! 


Information on our many ministries can be found in the Ministries section of our website and in our Stewardship Guide. 

Ministries Directory

  • Our Parish Life Ministries are responsible for developing a sense of welcoming, belonging and involvement through its groups and activities in an effort to further enrich the St. Gabriel community.
  • Our Worship and Liturgical Ministries serve the faithful through their active participation in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy. Their commitment enables our community of faith to be nourished by the Word and by the Eucharist.
  • Our Outreach and Support Ministries are responsible for ensuring that the pastoral care, social services, peace and justice needs of the parish and community are being met thru assistance by our parishioners.
  • Our Education and Faith Formation Ministries are responsible for providing programs and opportunities that support the lifelong process of deepening our knowledge of our faith and our relationship with God. 
  • Our Hispanic Ministries provide opportunities for fellowship, service, spiritual growth and participation in the Sacred Liturgy to our Spanish-speaking parishioners.

Volunteer Requirements 

All parishoners who serve in ministries involving children must complete the Diocesan training program “Protecting God’s Children” . For more information about this program click here.


“When we put God first, we align our lives with His Will and deepen our relationship to Him. Then, in gratitude, we return to the Lord a portion of His gifts to us — our time, our talent, our treasure. In this way, we multiply God’s blessings among our families, friends, parish, community, and the whole world…We become good stewards.”

Living Your Strengths 

Have you ever asked yourself what God wants you to do? Do you know what your God-given talents are? Can you recognize the God-given talents of others? Our parish regularly offers Living Your Strengths for adults and “StrengthsQuest” for teens to help you recognize your unique, God-given strengths and understand how they impact your roles, relationships and faith.

Online Giving

Online Giving

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