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Freedom School Ministry

Summer Literacy Program for At-Risk Children

Our parish’s Freedom School Ministry hosts 3 weeks of the program held at the Oakhurst STEAM Academy on Monroe Rd -- a summer literacy and character-building program for disadvantaged children staffed by college interns.  We recruit and provide volunteers and raise money to sponsor students.  Learn more about Freedom School here.

Your generosity through the Christmas Giving Tree helps partially sponsor some of the children who live in apartments our HOM/SHIP Ministry set up, helping transition their families out of homelessness.  The cost for each child to attend the program is $1500.

Freedom School Volunteer Opportunities at St. Gabriel

Questions?  Contact Ministry Leader Jean Anderson by email

Needed:  Reading Buddies for July 17 DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Event
When?  Date To Be Determined - Check back for details.
What? Be a reading buddy during Freedom School Partners’ city-wide One Great Day of D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read).  Volunteers may stay until 2:15 pm, if desired, for craft time.  
Who?  Adults and teens (grades 10 and up) are welcome.  Grades 6-9 may participate, accompanied by an adult.  

Needed:  Intern Appreciation Gifts Providers
When?  Items are needed for delivery.
What?  Create appreciation items for ~10 teachers (college interns) to be distributed at the end of each of our 3 weeks of Freedom School.  Examples:  a mug filled with candy or cookies with a $5 gift card
Who?  Contact Darby McClatchy by email.

Needed:  Sponsor a Child - any amount helps!  Idea:  Host a lemonade stand!
What? Donate any amount toward sponsoring a child in the 6-week program.  Additional funds will enable participation by more children from our HOM Ministry program (moving  homeless families into apartments).   Idea for youth and teens:  raise money through a lemonade stand!
How?  Contribute online here and put "St. Gabriel” in the site designation box OR send checks (made payable to Freedom School Partners, with "St. Gabriel" in the memo line) to:  Freedom School Partners, PO Box 37363, Charlotte, NC 28237. 

Morning Readers  - all needs are filled
When?  Just one weekday morning (check back for dates), for less than 30 minutes, between 8:45 - 9:15 am.
What?  Read a short book to a group at Freedom School. This is a one-time, 30-minute commitment
Who?  Contact Theresa Moritz by email

On-site Activity Leader at Freedom School
When?  One weekday afternoon (check back for dates)
What?  Share a hobby/skill/passion with a class at Freedom School.  This is a one-time commitment just one afternoon (45 - 90 minutes)
Who?  Contact Jean Anderson by email.

Teen Board Member- these positions are filled
When?  Most weekday afternoons for 3 weeks in June/July
What?  High school teens (rising grades 10-12) are needed to help with activities.  
Who?  Contact Jean Anderson by email

Supply Shopper Coordinator 
When?  Spring/early summer
What?  Shop for specific materials for the curriculum activities.  A new shopping list is provided each week for our 3 weeks, and supplies are due back the following week.  Shoppers can sign up for one or more weeks.  Reimbursement is available.  (Adults only.)
Who?  Contact Jean Anderson by email

Online Giving

Online Giving

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