StrengthsQuest for Teens

August 14 Workshop Registration


Discover the awesome, unique talents God has given you! 

StrengthsQuest is offered by more than 600 schools and universities!   One of the best gifts you can give your teen is knowledge of his/her God-given strengths.  It's insight he/she will use for a lifetime.  It is a wonderful opportunity to discover:  

  • What do I naturally do best?
  • Why am I drawn to certain subjects, hobbies or jobs?
  • How do my strengths play a role in my relationships?
  •  Who am I now, and who am I going to be?


For older high school and college students -- best suited for grades 10 and up, who are considering post-high school plans


A 1-session workshop that helps participants discover their God-given strengths and learn how these strengths relate to all aspects of their lives: faith, school, relationships, career choice, etc. The time flies with conversation, interactive activities, videos, and more!  It’s facilitated by adults and teens who have completed Living Your Strengths and/or StrengthsQuest.


Wednesday, August 14
5:00 to 9:00 pm
Ministry Center - Room A
Dinner and snacks are provided


Cost is $20 and covers the cost of the on-line assessment.   Make check payable to St. Gabriel Catholic Church and bring payment to first session.

Important, Required Pre-Work

Participating teens must complete the online assessment AT LEAST SEVERAL DAYS before the first workshop.  About 2 weeks before the workshop, teens will will receive a one-time use code via e-mail from the StrengthsQuest coordinator to access and complete the on-line assessment and discover their strengths. The SQ team will have access to their results, which will allow us to generate personalized reports regarding their unique strengths. 

Register online here 


Email Darby McClatchy.

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