Cat(echism) Chat with Fr. Richard

Weekly Video Series Exploring Our Faith


Explore the Catechism with Fr. Richard in 6 short videos:

What do we believe and how do we celebrate? 

Helpful but not required:  A copy of the Catechism 

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Cat Chat Series Videos

  1. The Battle of Prayer CCC 2725-2745:  10:31 minutes

2. How to Navigate the Catechism  The Four Key Parts 

3.  Part One of the Catechism: What we believe - The Creed

4.  Part Two of the Catechism:  How we celebrate - the Sacraments

5.  Part Three of the Catechism: Life in Christ - The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes   

6. Part Four of the Catechism: Christian Prayer 

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